Intuitive Navigation is like a Personal Trainer
for Developing your Intuitive Muscles.

No More Regretfully Sighing,
I knew I shouldn't have done that

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INTUITIVE NAVIGATION Just Follow that Yellow Brick Road

Here is a user-friendly system where an ordinary deck of playing cards can increase your awareness of your Intuition, and help you build the trust in its wisdom that strengthens your belief in yourself.

Clarify how you really feel
See into the heart of a problem
Successfully deal with stress and changes
Find a new perspective with more helpful ways to look at yourself and your situation

Like Dorothy and her friends in thy and her friends in The Wizard of Oz, we all care about the affairs of our heads and hearts and seek the courage to walk our own path, and find our way to a place we belong and feel loved and safe.
Their trip down the yellow brick road taught them that the wizard they sought was not out there in the world, but inside themselves.

We know how smoothly life flows when we listen to the voice of our inner wizard, but too often we find it difficult to tune into that inner voice or to trust its wisdom. The cards keep us tuned to that inner voice and make us aware of our intuition in action. Our trust in our inner wisdom grows out of our awareness of its action.

Just Follow that Yellow Brick Road
By Fredi Schwartz


Intuitive Navigation is about following our intuition (that yellow brick road) as a way of learning about ourselves, and staying on the path that leads to the best use of our unique self. The source of our intuition (the unconscious) talks to us in images. The symbolic meanings of numbers and suits in special layouts provide our intuition with a language to translate those images for our conscious understanding.

You will be shown how you can use an ordinary deck of cards as a tool to increase your awareness of your intuition, and develop the trust in it that strengthens your belief in yourself. The cards provide you with allies (like Dorothy's) to keep you moving along that yellow brick road to your own self- realization.

  • NUMBERS (Scarecrow abstract thought)
  • SUITS (Tin Man Modes of perception)
  • LAYOUTS (Lion Ordering our domain

The book offers a brief history, a user-friendly introduction to Keywords and the Art of Interpretation; sample readings; interpretations for every card; and layouts for different occasions; as well as Appendices: Keywords for all elements, and a far-ranging collection of Associations to Numbers 1 to 13; along with illustrations, charts, an annotated bibliography, and an Index.

Numbers, Suits, and Layouts Become your Allies
on Your Journey Down Your Personal
Yellow Brick Road.



Copyright 2003 Phyillis Schwartz