Intuitive Navigation is like a Personal Trainer
for Developing your Intuitive Muscles.

No More Regretfully Sighing,
I knew I shouldn't have done that

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INTUITIVE NAVIGATION Just Follow that Yellow Brick Road

Here is a user-friendly system where an ordinary deck of playing cards can increase your awareness of your Intuition, and help you build the trust in its wisdom that strengthens your belief in yourself.

Clarify how you really feel
See into the heart of a problem
Successfully deal with stress and changes
Find a new perspective with more helpful ways to look at yourself and your situation

Like Dorothy and her friends in thy and her friends in The Wizard of Oz, we all care about the affairs of our heads and hearts and seek the courage to walk our own path, and find our way to a place we belong and feel loved and safe.
Their trip down the yellow brick road taught them that the wizard they sought was not out there in the world, but inside themselves.

We know how smoothly life flows when we listen to the voice of our inner wizard, but too often we find it difficult to tune into that inner voice or to trust its wisdom. The cards keep us tuned to that inner voice and make us aware of our intuition in action. Our trust in our inner wisdom grows out of our awareness of its action.

About The Author:
Fredi Schwartz

Symbols fascinate me. They led me through studies of art, psychology, anthropology, mythology, world religions, Kabala , astrology, numerology and Tarot, to become a Reader. For over 23 years now I've given Readings at Renaissance, Psychic, and Metaphysical Fairs, private consultations, and charity benefits, and held classes and workshops.

For years I've been a Regular at Miami 's renowned Coral Castle 's fairs. I have seen how Readings help us to sort out our lives and keep us following the yellow brick road of our intuition. Now I've lived long enough to look back at my path, and appreciate the variety and richness of my life along an apparently meandering path that is still right on course. It led me to join an enthusiastic, talented, and unbusiness-like group to create a repertory theater in Detroit , and against all odds, keep it going for a few years. It steered me to a study of medieval art for the design of my Contemporary Gothic Chess Set that won a featured spot in Lord & Taylor's "Salute to American Designers" promotion in New York City.

I followed its lead to design textiles and ceramics in New York City and the south of Spain . My study of weaving in London resulted in commissions for one-of-a-kind fabric lengths for fashion designers and boutiques. Some of the drawings used as illustrations in this book were made for a series of Meditation cards sold through museum stores and boutiques throughout the country. My path led me to design jewelry in Mexico , teach in a real one-room schoolhouse in Spain , and become a certified Yoga teacher in Florida . Today, I balance my Readings and studies creating Windstars woven fabric hangings combining vibrant color yarns and dangling beads, with decorative and symbolic objects that stimulate our sense of wonder and delight our senses.

Readings have helped me appreciate how important it is to follow the path of our own unique yellow brick road. Here I offer you a way to use Readings for yourself to avoid detours from that path. I'd enjoy hearing about your experience using this process. Your suggestions to make it clearer or better in future editions are most welcome. My e-mail address: fredi@intuitive website :



Copyright 2003 Phyillis Schwartz